We all want great relationships.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest misconceptions is that great relationships don’t have conflict.

So we quick-fix disagreements.

We avoid difficult conversations hoping that the problems will go away.  We reach solutions without ever discussing the real issues at stake.  

We play nice.

In hindsight -- when we are facing failed business partnerships, tanked creative projects, and costly break-ups -- we remember how misguided this way of doing things is.  Next time, we’ll say what needs to be said; we’ll hear what needs to be heard.  Yet we inevitably repeat the same mistakes.


Because we have no idea how to do things differently.

No one’s ever taught us how to have
a healthy approach to conflict.


A skillful approach to conflict isn’t about being a better problem-solver.  

At its heart, it’s about developing the capacity to meet life openly, no matter what.  To show up as your true self under any conditions. 

When you develop your conflict intelligence, things change.  Your agreements become solid and clear, and withstand the inevitable bumps in the road.  Your relationships have more energy and creativity.  Instead of avoiding difficult conversations, you show up as a natural leader both at home and work.  

Most importantly, you gain access to a new level of power and freedom.  

You Touch Ground.