What I offer.


I typically coach high-functioning people who have reactive patterns or unhealthy interpersonal dynamics running some portion of their lives.  I've also worked with people who seek increased self-awareness and interpersonal skill because they are commited to growth, not because of any immediate issue.    

I help my clients access greater freedom and power.  In other words, the ability to choose how you want to respond to life.  I've been told by a client that my coaching is like being guided into "adulthood."

 You will get me--all of me, not just a formal role called “coach.”  I bring what my clients have called "robust slow attention," unwavering approval, and searing honesty. And a big dose of humor.  The lengths we go to avoid ourselves is often hilarious. 

I develop close personal relationships with my clients. That’s what’s most rewarding for me, and what I believe you need to feel fully supported and seen.     



Who you are. 


I coach people who want to be transformed.  I've found that it is not effective to work with people unless they bring a certain level of commitment to the table.   

Commitment is important for two reasons.  First, it's important because this is not a mental exercise, it’s about experiential changes in your behavior.  That means you approach your life as a research project.  You take risks, experiment, fail and try again.  

Second, it's important because much of what I do involves asking you to face some areas of yourself that might be difficult or uncomfortable to face.  It's liberating but also challenging.  Clients who do the best with this are ones who embrace change.