I worked with Nicole on an unimaginably difficult reconciliation

and I can say without reservation that she brought a whole new meaning to the word reconciliation, not just lip service, but an inner experience that reflected the idea “I could not imagine that it could go this well”. 

With matched love and willingness to venture into difficult territory, Nicole is the rare person whose passionate dedication, skill and sensitivity can bridge worlds so that both people leave feeling like they got exactly what they wanted from the experience and more.  If you want true freedom in your heart, Nicole is a great gift.

— Nicole Daedone
Founder and CEO of OneTaste, Inc., teacher, coach, and author.  


My partner and I came to Nicole because we could not agree on the terms of our relationship.

We chose Nicole because she has gorgeous insight into the issues of cultural diversity and the ways in which men and women communicate on different planes. She skillfully led us to the universal vulnerability that we all share as humans. There is a tender spot she touched in me that she then asked me to see in my partner. Her coaching was genuine and gentle. She is brilliant in her thinking and always has a hand on her own vulnerability. This has me feeling genuinely heard and accepted and loved.  I wholeheartedly recommend Nicole for conflict resolution for those who want to get to the love and connection that is available and possible.  

— Teresa Diaz, MD

Compassionate, caring and committed are the three words I would use to describe my conflict resolution experience with Nicole.  

Her patience, insightful perspectives and creative exploration makes her uniquely qualified to engage and support diverse conversations about conflict resolution, reconciliation and restoration. She has an extremely sharp eye and a vastly open heart when holding space for dialogues that are important to all parties sitting at the table of inquiry. For more than two years, I’ve worked side-by-side Nicole and her tireless effort is essential to serving those want relief from limitations and exposure to infinite possibilities. She is incredibly valuable in building bridges between worlds that seem impossible to connect.

Ulysses "Butch" SlaughterCoach and Reconciliation Expert

The quality of her attention is unparalleled and she delivers hard truths with a gentle voice. When it comes to conflict resolution, Nicole is a creative genius.

I have watched her solve seemingly impossible conflicts between large groups of stubborn people simply by delivering one easy (yet miraculous) concept. One-on-one, Nicole can recognize what is likely keeping me from moving forward, regardless of how aware I am of that block. Basically, she just "gets" it.  She has a natural enthusiasm that shines through as she walks me through each step forward, so the work not only feels do-able, I am actually inspired to do it.

 — Julia Mora, Coach and Project Manager at Globalish

No matter what I am struggling with, she perceives the part of me that is missing and guides me to include it. 

Once that missing part is included, I know what I want and who I am and how to be true to myself.  From there, situations miraculously resolve and what was a problem becomes a gift that leads me to be a more integrated and more joyful human being.

— Alexandra Stockwell
M.D., Relationship Coach, Head of the OneTaste Coaching Association


Nicole’s inspiring wisdom combines advanced spiritual insights with modern day cutting edge in thought.

Always refreshing, informative and thoughtful, Nicole’s work on conflict has been highly-influential to looking into the heart of my relationship with myself, my emotions and process. She’s supported me in cultivating better and deeper relationships, clearer business agreements, and powerful alchemy within both. I believe Nicole’s wisdom and coaching is truly one of a kind, and is the missing link to most spiritual and professional philosophy. I highly recommend her work in all capacities, it’s the real thing and is truly breakthrough. Keep an eye out, she is destined for big things. 

— Amateo Ra, Biz Coach & Creator of the High Vibe Tribe