How it Works

While all packages are individually tailored, our early sessions will focus on bringing awareness to your hidden patterns.  I help you see what you have been missing and unpack the underlying mechanics.  I am able to navigate dark places with firm and loving compassion.  There is a kind of unlocking that takes place when you touch the thing that has been underneath a reactive knot. Once it's unlocked, you can reclaim the power that was stored inside. 

We spend our later sessions taking a look at how you can interact with others while holding your center.  I think of it as how to talk and speak in a way that turns people human again.  We won't approach interpersonal dynamics as a "formula," but rather as a lifelong art and deep personal practice.  These skills are relevant in all areas of your life: business, personal, romantic, and family.  

I feel successful when I know that my coaching has allowed you to know yourself at a deeper level and show up as a stronger and more compassionate spouse, friend, businessperson, and human.  


You learn things like :

  • the underlying mechanics of dysfunctional conflict cycles 
  • how to interrupt dysfunctional conflict cycles
  • how to work with your own reactivity
  • how to respond to conflict from a place of power and choice
  • how to connect with people caught in reactivity 
  • how to set healthy boundaries
  • how to speak with clarity
  • how to listen effectively
  • how to use conflict as fuel for greater personal power and for stronger relationships
  • how to use conflict as a creative force in your business, family, or organization

Our work together does not just benefit you; it positively impacts everyone in your life  

How does our work together change the way you show up as a boss, spouse, parent, or friend?
What can you offer people that you couldn’t before?  
What do you now embody in the world?  

You will open doors for others to step into a new way of relating.     


✓ Three months in a private, one-on-one coaching relationship with me

✓ Weekly 90 minute phone or Skype calls

✓ Unlimited text access